Friday, 3 April 2015

5 Points That Made World Cup An Unwin Battle For India

The Semi-finals are over and so the hope for India to win the world Cup. But what made India lose the battle?

We have come up with few points that make us feel had made India lose World Cup

1.       An unbeatable challenge by Australia for India, 328 which was a big, big score to chase in a semifinal.

2.       Steven Smith, the man of the match who scored 105

3.       Poor shots of Rohit, Raina, and some players like Kohli, Rahane who went unnoticed in the juggernaut towards the semis

4.       A great comeback, which was towards the end of the match that allowed team India score few

5.       The Big words of Australia and the confidence that they showed before the match. Did team India got scared?

And if nothing left, we can just blame the spin of the coin that made Australia Bat first.
Why reasons? Why don’t we see that it was team India who reached this position after winning 7 continuous games with relative ease?

Yes, Mr Dhoni, we are proud of you and all the team players who fought till end and played passionately.  

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