Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Cup of Tea Or A Glass Of Juice

I think the biggest Pro of Tea is that I love it and biggest Con of Juice is that I love Tea more….

And no doubt, there are many people like me who just cannot do without tea. It is the first thing that I think of in the morning and desperately wait to get that one ‘chuski’.

If you sound ”Aah” after that first sip….. trust me, you are addicted to ‘Chai’.

Some real benefits of Tea, that you will love to know:

Beautiful Morning- Life seems to have become a nightmare if there is no tea in the morning.

Power Booster- Whether you are suppress, depress or are lazying, The chai is the only thing that can boost you up 

God Time-pass- People prefer a Chai break with their friends and colleagues.

Special Bonding- It not only gives you a special and refreshing feel, but also helps you to make an instant bond. Moreover, people who share the same taste of the tea often feel bonded.

The idea of a perfect rainy day- Chai, Pakoda & a book.

Official Beverage- Most people offer chai than any other beverage & you can have only tea like a boss, not coffee.

Various Variants- You can try only chai with various variants like Ginger, honey ,chamomile,  green, Chinese, holy basil, and what not….

Well! It has medical benefits also; it’s actually good for your health. Tea lowers risk of heart attack and strokes & has cancer fighting effects.

Is my blog making you grab a cup of chai right now?

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Wonderful Photography With A Dog

Office day was as boring as usual. No new to do, than to just revise my last day work and make a track. I sometimes think why I am in this career? There could be more exciting things to opt. So I decided to start a blog.

Well, as this is my first blog, let's talk about the cutest thing I saw on the Internet today!
I was surfing online when I visited this page where a couple did an excellent photo shoot with their dog. The image and the title made me feel creepy at first instance, but as I rolled I found it highly funny and alluring as well. The pictures are so real and natural that one may feel couple holding their own baby.

However, it was not astonishing as many people how have dogs loved them as their child, but who would have thought of this……’A Wonderful Photography With A Dog’. It made my day, so I thought to share it with some of my friends!

And some of the comments were so funny that I couldn't resist sharing

The photographs were taken finely by a portrait studio, Count It Joy Photography leaving no flaw behind. The page pretty much broke the internet and left people laugh. You might also wanna like, share and comment on it, so here you go, click