Monday, 16 February 2015

Alia Bhatt Getting Targeted on Social Media!

Born with the Golden Spoon, Allia Bhatt the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and the sister of Puja Bhatt, came in film industry with her very first film ‘Student of the Year’.

With cute smile and very innocent face she quickly won the hearts of many men and women in India, but what went wrong. 

What made her the most trolled social media personality?

90% of the population knows why! Because on the sets of Koffee With Karan, when she was asked who is India's President, Alia had blurted Prithviraj Chavan. 

But do even the 40% of people trolling Alia know who this Prithviraj Chavan was (the Chief Minister of Maharashtra at that time).

So, all the trolls on her making fun of her IQ and intelligence is something that is pointless. She lacks general knowledge, and that what the point I want to make out- She lacks ‘knowledge’ and that doesn't make her dumb. 

The trolls like below being shared on Facebook, doesn't make sense. 

But, while surfing around I came across where I found a number of supporters of Alia. And I feel please to share their views with you.

The comments are really supporting and is good to see so many sensible answers...

Making fun of people ones or twice is fine, but pulling tail whenever you feel, is insensible.

I would love to share more information on this, and know more....plz feel free to comment....

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